Enterprises increasingly run applications in a variety of cloud environments — public, private, hosted and hybrid cloud. This multi-cloud operating model means that enterprises now require services and tools that can work across private and public cloud environments. One of their most pressing needs is having a programmatic and scalable way of keeping cloud costs optimised.

Today, Buttonwood Analytics is extending its cloud cost optimisation capabilities to support private cloud environments including VMware, OpenStack and Nutanix AHV. Available immediately, Buttonwood customers will now be able to utilise Analytics for governance of their multi-cloud world, delivering 360-degree cost governance. This will help customers understand the true expenditure of their cloud environments and gain the confidence needed to transform their operations.

Buttonwood Analytics On-premises Support

The Buttonwood Analytics environment support includes the following benefits:

  • Custom Rate Cards – The Finance Department can now model the cost of on-premises infrastructure to help govern and report on private cloud consumption
  • Unified governance for all clouds – CIOs and IT leaders can control consumption across public and private clouds
  • Continuous cost optimization – Intelligent analysis of cloud consumption trends provides recommendations for future purchases to keep cloud costs optimized
  • Cluster level analysis – Customers will be able to see the cost of their VMware, OpenStack and Nutanix clusters that have been deployed and make decisions on future consumption efficiently.

In addition, Buttonwood is also announcing a new feature to better reconcile cloud spend at the cost centre level. Available in this release, Analytics is introducing a new Cost Centre Mapping strategy that will empower organisations to identify resource tags in real-time using literal and regular expressions. As each subscription billing file is harvested, tags can be intelligently ‘matched and aligned to a specific cost centre for unprecedented show back/chargeback accuracy. The use of regular expressions ensures that a poorly implemented taxonomy will not encumber finance teams with erroneous data when attempting to report on business/project spend.

Today, analytics provides a unified, global view of all accounts across all clouds: AWS, Azure, Azure EA. Vault, and Oracle to help you easily evaluate the cost efficiency of each environment and drill down for granular views by cloud, account, or resource type.

The support for private cloud environments is a big step toward giving customers the ability to conduct a true total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis between private and public cloud environments. These insights are critical in deciding the type of workloads to be deployed in public vs. private cloud.

Analytics will enable customers to identify the right cloud for each application, mitigating vendor lock-in and ensuring optimal consumption of cloud resources.

Are you using AWS, Azure, and/or Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and want to see how Analytics can optimise your multi-cloud environment? Contact us today.