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At Buttonwood we are excited to announce the upcoming release of a completely new hybrid multi-cloud management experience.  Below are just a few areas where I believe we are setting the bar for innovation and value to help you become a Cloud Hero. 

Step 1 – Build cloud-native blueprints with drag and drop simplicity

We are excited to announce that Buttonwood.NEXT will extend the power of our blueprints to include a broad set of cloud-native services from AWS and Azure.

This powerful new capability will enable organisations to build templates up to 12x faster than using the console or developing a native ARM or CloudFormation template. Additionally, the ability to visualise a cloud-native service end-to-end will help resolve issues quicker and democratize intellectual property (IP) often lost when contractors or employees leave an organisation.

Step 2 – Deploy multi-cloud services with complete financial visibility

One of the biggest challenges organisations face when transitioning to cloud is trying to understand the true cost of a service before the invoice arrives.  In our latest release, Buttonwood’s costing engine has been upgraded to enable cloud-native services to be fully costed, including consumption metrics, prior to deployment.

Step 3 – Govern cloud consumption with financial approvals

The key element to being able to Govern cloud consumption is controlling who can spend money, and under what conditions a financial delegate needs to authorise money being spent.  Buttonwood’s new offering has been enhanced to provide delegates with policy-based Approvals as well as a new AI powered Budget Reconciliation capability designed to better manage the dynamic nature of cloud consumption.

Step 4 – Analyse billing data across private and public clouds

Implementing a consistent tagging strategy is key to successfully managing complex pricing structures and evolving cloud services. Using automation to maintain tag hygiene supports critical governance initiatives such as cloud cost reporting and governance.   With this release we are introducing new measures to Normalise Tags to help eliminate erroneous meta-data to improve reporting and Advanced Processing Rules to better capture cloud spend against established Cost Centres.

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