Automate and manage cloud-native workloads with simplicity and predictability

Buttonwood Automate is the perfect choice to accelerate
digital innovation in your organisation.


Develop cloud native blueprints and accelerate innovation

Model reusable blueprints using our intuitive GUI composer. Deliver cloud native outcomes and governance policies across providers.
Save your blueprint and reuse it again as a template for an entire application stack. Choose your:

  • Native cloud services
  • Server templates
  • Variable Sets
  • Artifacts

Govern multicloud deployments with policy based control

Multi-level policies control where, when, how and who can launch in cloud for your organisation ensuring corporate governance is enforced without impacting user satisfaction. Policy types include:

  • Hours of Operation to control the time that the workload is running in cloud
  • Region / Provider to limit where blueprints can be deployed for compliance reasons
  • Budget Contingency to uplift deployment cost by a percentage to budget for usage based charges
  • Resource Tags to label Resources with a consistent taxonomy for reporting purposes

Deploy multicloud workloads with complete financial transparency

Integrate with best in class software and services to deliver policy based outcomes for hybrid cloud deployments ensuring you always receive the Lowest Cost Conforming Bid, based on policy and total deployment cost.

  • All results are based on your policies, requirements and set hours of operation
  • See which cloud provider and region provides the lowest cost
  • View the BCX savings you will get by using the Cloud Broker's built in analytics

Steamline DevOps capabilities with self-service consumption

Once you have published your blueprint to the catalogue, IT and developers alike can deploy to cloud with one click. Buttonwood Automate takes care of the rest.

  • Once policies are set, business users can consume cloud without intervention from IT
  • Empower your developers with automated on-demand provisioning
  • Enable agile development and deployment for your business

Complete the DevSecOps promise with 3rd party plug-ins

Buttonwood Automate is integrated with best in class software and services to deliver policy based outcomes for multicloud deployments. We are always adding new integrations to improve your experience. Some of our integrations include:

  • VMware
  • CommVault
  • Puppet Labs
  • GitHub
  • ServiceNow

Save an average of 65% by powering off idle resources

Use Buttonwood Automate to establish hours of operation for non-critical workloads. Power off compatible services out of hours to save an average off 65%.

  • Set Environmental Policy to place all workloads under hours of operation
  • Override start-up times to turn-on workloads only as required
  • Sequence start up and shutdown operations to guarantee operational integrity
  • Authorise business users to re-start workloads for increased productivity

Join us for an
authentic partnership

At Buttonwood, we value your insights and experiences. After years of research and development, we developed the Buttonwood Cloud Broker, to fill the gaps in the way enterprises managed Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas). Working with Buttonwood give you complete support from our team.

  • A full service integration and management (SIAM) framework for supporting multi-providers
  • Customer service contract and support agreements
  • Access to technical support through our online Help Centre
  • An online community for discussions and help
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