Understand Complex
Cloud Invoices

Cost Management helps you simplify and rationalise the complex billing processes imposed upon you by your cloud providers. Through visual dashboards, proactive reporting, alerts and cost centre reconciliation you will gain valuable insight into what you are spending in cloud and the insight needed to bring this spend under control.

Visualise Your Cloud Activity

Buttonwood Central delivers a comprehensive Cost Management solution to help you understand and manage your cloud consumption in near real time through a detailed daily and monthly analysis, and historic invoicing.

Visualising your cloud activity will enable you to:

  • Make informed decisions on how you spend in cloud;
  • Understand what resources are being consumed in your budget;
  • Create detailed reports to show your organisation executives.

Project Future Cloud Spend

Cost Management has the ability to forecast your future cloud spend, based on previous spending habits, using the sophisticated ARIMA model for forecasting.

Forecasting your cloud spend helps you:

  • Stay within your monthly budget and keep your spending on track;
  • Become increasingly proactive to cloud spending;
  • Avoid the bill shock you feel at the end of the month.

Track Your Cloud Spend

Track and manage cloud costs and consumption according to your business structure. Allocate spend to corporately aligned cost centres, enabling data-driven business decisions that improve efficiency.

Tracking your spend ensures you can:

  • Compare all of your Cloud Accounts and Sub Accounts;
  • Define and track budgets for individual business units;
  • Implement Cloud Control through proactive alerts and reports.

Make Sense of Your Invoices

Aggregate your cloud billing data with detailed consumption reports to give you operational insight into your hybrid cloud environment.

Aggregating you cloud invoices helps you:

  • Track your deployments and see what your spend is delivering;
  • View the exchange rate against your bill over time to help make sense of increase and decreases in costs;
  • Understand the percentage of your budget each cloud resource is consuming.

Continuous Support and Monitoring

Gain access to complete support from the Buttonwood Team. With training run by the Buttonwood team, your organisation will be up and running in no time. With Buttonwood Cloud Analytics, you will have access to:

  • Technical Support through our online help centre
  • Team training
  • The online Buttonwood community
  • Email and in-app help
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