Increase cloud confidence with
unprecedented financial governance

Buttonwood Central delivers Financial Governance across all cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) by enabling financial delegations, cost centre reporting and budget management.

Securely manage all users

Buttonwood Central is integrated with leading IdPs to support intelligent user management. Enable day one productivity for all users by automating the provisioning of user accounts. Prevent compromised credentials with Multi-Factor Authentication for every user and every resource.

  • Federated Identity Management with MFA
  • Automated user provisioning with SMS activation
  • Business Process Automation with triggers

Establish a financial delegation framework

Financial delegations can be defined to support strong operational governance across the organisation. A financial delegate is authorised to approve expenditure or enter into a financial commitment on behalf of the organisation.

  • Quickly reconcile cloud spend under management
  • Create cost centres and analyse cloud consumption
  • Manage budgets and approve cloud spend
  • Model subscription plans for superior SaaS governance

Govern cloud deployments with full financial control

Establish best practice reporting and financial management with budget management and policy based approvals. Authorise and track actual and projected spend on a deployment by deployment basis.

  • Authorise budget spend with policy base approvals
  • Proactively manage budgets with AI powered projections
  • Monitor multicloud consumption across approved reservations
  • Reconcile project spend with complete cost centre visibility

Simplify SaaS access and subscription management

Aggregates corporate cloud applications into one user-friendly workplace. Use native integrations to streamline user onboarding with automated account activation, SaaS provisioning and cost management.

  • Streamline user onboarding
  • Manage subscription terms and license costs
  • Launch process workflows with defined trigger events
  • Budget and report on SaaS consumption

Experience world class support

The best part is that working with Buttonwood you will have complete support from our team. We offer a range of flexible support levels over and above what is offered by SaaS application providers.

  • Access to technical support through our online help centre
  • Team Training
  • Email and In-App Help
  • An online community for discussions and help
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