Follow these three steps to reduce your cloud spend

Would you like to save over 70% on your cloud spend? Follow these three simple steps.

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1. Are you Minimising Waste?

Most business applications and IT services don’t have to run all the time. You could be wasting up to 70% of your cloud spend if you run all your workloads 24×7.

The ability to automatically turn off non-critical workloads out of hours will ensure you’re not paying for resources you or your people are not using.

By simply automating the shut-down and power-up of your cloud services through an easy to use interface allows you to immediately realise significant cost savings. Whilst still giving your teams the flexibility to override these shutdowns.

2. Spending Insight

Understanding cloud spend is difficult. Bills can be complex with thousands of line items making it nearly impossible to track exactly what it is costing your business. Deeply understanding your cloud spend, is vital to saving money.

To answer this challenge, your business can use advanced analytics to centralise and standardise your invoices with up to the minute information.

By providing you with deep insights into your cloud expenditure, you and your teams can immediately see exactly which services and resources were consuming your valuable cloud dollars and easily identify cost blowouts and other unexpected changes.

With visibility of individual charges and resources, your business can save money by turning off or optimising expensive resources.

3. Implement Governance Best Practice

The best time to ensure you save money in cloud is by applying financial control throughout the entire lifecycle.

To deliver financial governance, businesses should implement cloud governance capability that enforces best practice financial management and reporting, with extensive budget controls and policy-based approvals. This would allow managers to monitor how, where and when this money is actually being spent.

When end to end governance is in place, your business is no longer faced with the threat of cloud budgets being overspent and workloads being deployed with little to no visibility what it is really costing your business.

At Buttonwood, our cloud management and cloud optimisation platform make it simple for you to:

  • Turn off your non-critical applications and IT that don’t need to run all the time, leading to over 70% savings in cloud spend
  • Gain deep insights into your total cloud spend across all your cloud providers and environments
  • Implement end-to-end financial governance across your entire cloud environments to ensure you know exactly what your cloud is costing

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