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Lachlan is focussed on achieving his business teams goals, staying within budget and delivering to his customers. He regularly finds that his IT department can’t keep up with his team’s requirements and they are always delivering more slowly than Lachlan would like. He has tried to purchase SaaS application licenses and run them independently but he has run into trouble in the past with security issues and lost data. Lachlan knows he should run these purchases through the IT team to ensure compliance but how can Lachlan get the speed to market that he needs?

Lachlan is searching for cloud management software that IT can set up once and then let Lachlan and his team use as a self-service model. Lachlan sees that the way to get the flexibility and agility he needs must be self-service but it also must have full sign off, compliance and governance agreed to by the IT team.

Before Buttonwood

How do I manage risk in IaaS?

Lachlan understands why policies, compliance and governance are needed in IaaS but he knows that innovation and speed to market are just as important. How can he tick the risk management boxes and quickly get to work?

With Buttonwood

Multi-level governance policies

With global and environmental policies, Buttonwood has taken the worry away from Lachlan by enforcing compliance and governance before anything can be deployed in the cloud. Lachlan can now safely work in a self-service model without the risk of stepping outside the set policies.

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How can I track my team’s IaaS spending?

Lachlan often wonders how much his team’s projects actually cost in terms of IaaS usage. To truly manage each project’s profitability, all costs must be accurately recorded, associated with the right activities, users and project name. How can Lachlan find out what his team’s IaaS costs are?

Cost centre tracking

Buttonwood tracks all cloud consumption against predetermined cost centres. Lachlan can now reconcile budgets against services, workloads or users. His team can now understand, track, manage and assess their IaaS spending.

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How do I avoid IaaS bill shock?

Lachlan likes the idea of working in cloud because of the potential for innovation that comes with flexibility and agility. However, he is also fearful of receiving a surprisingly large bill for his team’s projects somewhere down the track. How can Lachlan ensure his projects don’t result in bill shock?

IaaS budgeting and cost control

Lachlan can feel safe knowing that cloud budgets were set within Buttonwood, and appropriately allocated to his cost centres. Establishing these budgets mean there is no longer a risk of bill shock with a clear vision and forecast of all cloud spend.

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How do I keep track of all my SaaS log in details?

Lachlan’s business teams need access to hundreds of applications. How can Lachlan remember all of his username, passwords, access URLs and security check answers?

The Workspace

Buttonwood’s Cloud Workspace provides one screen (the Workspace) from which Lachlan can access all of his SaaS applications. He can now use a single sign-on to access all of his apps, and has peace of mind knowing that his data is secure.

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How do I get help from IT in managing SaaS?

Lachlan has set up apps to manage his work and he has found them extremely valuable. However, when an app was not performing as expected, he didn't get the support he needed from his IT team. How can Lachlan ensure that he can use the apps he needs but have support and endorsement on their consumption from the IT team?

IT managed and supported

Buttonwood is supported and sanctioned by the IT team. Therefore, any app approved for use on the Cloud Workspace is compliant with the policies and governance processes set by IT. Lachlan no longer has to concern himself with getting IT's buy in as he can trust that the Cloud Workspace is providing access only to supported SaaS applications.

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How do I track my SaaS costs?

Lachlan has a budget for his team but he finds it difficult to track their IT costs including all their SaaS licenses. How can he get a clear understanding of the costs related to apps and cloud services?

Spend mapped to cost centres

Lachlan's team's cloud usage and costs are tracked against their cost centres, resulting in cloud consumption and financial transparency. Lachlan can now report on the apps his team is using, how often they are used and the associated license or usage costs.

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Before Buttonwood

Private or Public Cloud?

Lachlan is excited to work in public cloud but he can see that some of his workloads are better suited for private cloud at this stage. How can he choose which workloads go where?

With Buttonwood

Hybrid Cloud

Integrating with his organisation’s on premise environment, Buttonwood enables Lachlan’s team to choose where each workload is deployed, giving them the best of both worlds.

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How can I have choice over IaaS environments?

Occasionally Lachlan’s customers have specific hosting requirements for their projects. For example, they may specify the region in which the data can be stored, certain security levels or a requirement for scalability. How can Lachlan make sure his organisation is ready to support the requirements of a diverse group of customers?

Policies to support requirements

Lachlan can implement his customers’ requirements through Buttonwood's policy tools, creating catalog items within the Cloud Broker for each customer, with built-in global and environmental governance.

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How can I reduce my costs in IaaS?

Lachlan has tight budgets and he is concerned that his IaaS costs will eat into funds he could be using more effectively. How can Lachlan reduce costs associated with cloud?

Provider choice based on lowest conforming bid

Buttonwood shows Lachlan a selection of suitable options, including the Lowest Cost Conforming Bid (LCCB) to match with each workload’s requirements. This allows him to choose the cloud provider and region that is offering the cheapest price at the time, that will still get the job done within his company policies and his customer’s requirements.

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How can I access my SaaS apps easily on any of my devices?

Lachlan currently logs into his SaaS applications from his office desktop because he likes that his browser remembers all of his usernames and passwords. How can Lachlan be productive on his phone and tablet, by accessing SaaS when he is away from his desk?

Full accessibility

Lachlan can now easily use his smartphone or tablet to connect with the Buttonwood Workspace, which provides access to all his applications with a single sign-on.

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Before Buttonwood

How can I get control of IaaS?

Lachlan wants to control his team’s IaaS access and usage, but currently has to work through the IT team to get access to what he needs. How can he do what he needs quickly and efficiently?

With Buttonwood

Self-service interface

Now Lachlan has access to everything he needs in IaaS, within his Buttonwood workspace. The self-service model, with embedded governance policies, has saved many hours for Lachlan and his team.

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How can I keep our IaaS data secure?

Lachlan is worried that working in the public cloud will put his customers’ data at risk. How can he ensure that their data is protected and that disaster recovery is possible in case of emergency?

Unified backup and recovery

With integrated backup and recovery plugins, Lachlan knows that his data is protected when deployed in cloud.

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How can IT keep up with my team’s needs?

Lachlan’s team often has to rush to take advantage of unexpected opportunities identified by their clients, and he has found that the current IT processes take way too long to help meet such urgent deadlines. How can Lachlan get IT support for his team’s cloud needs?

Agility and flexibility

Buttonwood has dramatically increased the organisation’s speed of delivery and IT service level, so the IT team is delivering more responsive service to Lachlan’s team.

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How can I save costs on IaaS?

The development team have workloads running all the time, and Lachlan can see that they are charged for workloads running in the cloud even when they aren’t actually being used. How can Lachlan reduce cloud costs for his projects?

Set operating hours

Buttonwood enables the developers within Lachlan’s organisation to set the times during which they require access to their workloads. When they aren’t working, their workload environments are shut down, greatly reducing Lachlan’s project costs.

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How can I get my access provisioned quicker?

Lachlan has team members who are contractors that regularly move in and out of the business. Currently he has to wait for days for the IT team to provision new licenses for them, including access to Office 365 apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. How can Lachlan get licenses as soon as he needs them?

Integrated applications

Applications such as Office 365 are fully integrated with Buttonwood, which means that licenses can be provisioned within the Cloud Workspace. This allows Lachlan to quickly get access to apps that used to take days to move through the process.

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