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Executive Leadership Team

In Andrew’s role, he is under pressure to make decisions that will bring efficiency and scalability to his organisation. His executive leadership team have switched to a cloud-first strategy. It is predicted that up to 50% of key business services will be consumed from the cloud by 2018, so Andrew has many options to consider. It looks like his team will need to manage a broad and growing portfolio of providers and associated Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Worried that cloud wouldn’t deliver the Return on Investment (ROI) that the board demanded, Andrew went in search for solutions that would not only exceed expectations but also allow his teams to be truly innovative in the management of both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Andrew is leading his organisation in cloud.

Before Buttonwood

How do I avoid IaaS bill shock?

Shifting from a capital expenditure (CAPEX) to an operational expenditure (OPEX) model prompted Andrew to assess the risks that kept him up at night. He once knew exactly what the infrastructure budget was, but with so many resources spinning up environments in cloud, how can he accurately forecast and track spending?

With Buttonwood

Financial visibility and budgeting

Andrew can feel safe knowing that he can forecast cloud spend requirements based on accurate data, and ensure each cloud budget is set and allocated to a cost centre. He now has a clear vision of all cloud spend, accurate forecasts and established budgets, meaning there is no longer a risk of bill shock.

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How can I see where IaaS cloud spend is going?

Andrew’s lines of business all use private and public cloud for various tasks and activities, some of which he doesn’t even know about! With numerous large bills, how can he understand how to create efficiencies across the business?

Cost centre tracking

By tracking all cloud consumption against predetermined cost centres, Andrew can now reconcile budgets against services, workloads or users. He can help each business line understand how much they are spending and proactively manage costs.

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How do I manage the complex compliance requirements with cloud?

With so many internal policies and regulations around his organisation’s data protection and sovereignty, Andrew was under pressure to ensure strict cloud policies were developed and adhered to. Once communicated to the teams, how could he ensure these policies were followed?

Multi-level governance policies

With built-in, customisable global and environmental policies, Buttonwood took the worry from Andrew by enforcing compliance before any cloud services user can deploy in cloud. He has full governance and control over where and when cloud services are deployed.

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How can I understand my IaaS cloud bills?

Andrew has bills from numerous cloud providers for services used across many teams and offices across the country. How can he make sense of all the billing to gain a clear understanding of cloud usage and spend?

Detailed reporting

Andrew has established classes for sub-accounts and resources within Buttonwood Cloud Analytics, and now has trust that his reporting dashboards show him where every cent of his company’s cloud spend is going.

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How do I avoid SaaS cloud bill shock?

Andrew can see that different business lines access various cloud services but there is little governance of operational costs. How can Andrew find a way to control these expenses?

Financial transparency

Andrew is relieved to know that his IT team is setting budgets within Buttonwood for the organisation's cloud consumption and he has a clear view of this information by cost centre. This ensures that there are no surprise costs as even the purchase of an unexpected license here and there must meet pre-set budget parameters or be subject to approval.

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Before Buttonwood

How do I choose between public or private cloud?

Andrew’s IaaS was traditionally all held within his organisation’s on premise environments. Feeling the strong the push to cloud, he must determine what stays in private cloud and what moves to public cloud.

With Buttonwood

Hybrid Cloud

Integrating with his on premise environment, Buttonwood has enabled Andrew’s team to choose where each workload is deployed. Setting policies to make the decision easier for the business teams, Andrew successfully runs a future proofed hybrid cloud IT Infrastructure.

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Which IaaS provider should I choose?

IaaS providers offer thousands of cloud services across hundreds of regions all at different price points. Enterprises are paying on average greater than 25% more for cloud resources than they could be, due to this complexity. How can Andrew know which provider is right for his organisation, or which service is right for each workload? How can he figure out if he’s paying more than he should, for his overall cloud spend?

Data collated and compared for you

Buttonwood is vendor agnostic and shows Andrew the cloud services that match each of his organisation’s workload requirements, and their associated costs or “bids”. With the ability to sort and review all options, and immediate access to relevant information, his team can now make the best decision in seconds, rather than spending hours on research and complex analysis.

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How do I avoid IaaS vendor lock in?

Andrew has heard that organisations can sign up to a cloud provider, essentially required to make a commitment to that vendor and its services, and get stuck with ever changing rates and conditions. How can he ensure that he always has choice?

Multi-cloud workloads

Buttonwood allows Andrew’s organisation to make cloud services decisions on a workload by workload basis, not a whole of business basis, removing the vendor lock in scenario. They can now deploy workloads to multiple cloud provider environments, based on each requirements and the cost of the cloud services at the time of deployment.

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How can I see all my cloud costs at once?

Andrew has AWS accounts and Azure accounts and reviews various reports from his IT team. How can Andrew save time by seeing all his organisation's cloud spend at once?

Aggregated reporting

Through Buttonwood Cloud Analytics, Andrew can now see all of his organisation's cloud spend on one screen, using one system. In one simple report, he can now compare costs across resources, teams and instances.

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How can I encourage and support the business teams to experiment in SaaS without compromising on security and cost mangement?

Andrew can see that his business teams are setting up their own applications to manage their work. He is supportive of their initiative and the results he is seeing from some of the apps, however he is concerned that this shadow IT could be a risk to the business. How can Andrew give his business teams choice but still achieve compliance?

IT managed and supported

Business team users can deploy, manage and end usage of cloud services, within Buttonwood, which requires that all SaaS applications be configured with the policies and governance processes set by IT. Andrew can relax knowing that the business units and IT are both happy and compliant.

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Before Buttonwood

How can IT keep up with our developers?

Andrew’s application teams need to deploy regularly and quickly in order to keep up the pace of releases. Following past processes, apps took days to deploy with many resources delayed while waiting. How can this time to launch be improved?

With Buttonwood

Agility and flexibility

Andrew has dramatically increased his organisation’s speed of delivery. His IT team is delivering services to his business customers, increasing responsiveness and the service level of IT within his organisation.

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How do I avoid compromising in cloud?

Andrew’s organisation followed strong processes and policies with its on premise IT, and he was concerned that moving to integrating and managing cloud would compromise these standards. How can Andrew ensure and maintain tight processes and policies as his company moves more workloads off premise and into the cloud?

Operational consistency

Buttonwood has enabled Andrew’s organisation to have complete operational consistency across both public and private cloud. This is achieved through the self-service consumption model, performance management and incident management.

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How can I get more from IT?

Andrew has heard that some teams within his organisation felt that his IT division is simply “keeping the lights on”. He knows they are talented and capable of so much more. How can Andrew empower his IT team to bring additional business value?

Empowering innovation

By embracing constant change and taking control of cloud services consumption, Andrew has enabled his IT team to use cloud to create new and innovative business processes and applications. The needs of the business teams are now serviced more quickly and effectively, freeing up the entire organisation to think differently.

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How can I see what the costs are delivering?

Andrew has signed off many budgets for IT spend but has never really understood exactly what these expenditures are returning to his organisation, which areas of the business are actually using these investments or how one investment is performing in terms of ROI versus any of the others. How can Andrew get an accurate view of IT spending and ROI?

Detailed reporting

Using Buttonwood, Andrew has full visibility of cloud spend, giving him a level of understanding and control of his organisation’s IT spend that he has never had before.

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How can I make sure we aren't spending on cloud when we don't need to?

With such a large spend in cloud each month, Andrew is concerned that he could be missing something. Are some cloud services over-charging? Are others under utilised? How would he know? How can he see where his organisation's cloud spend is going?

Reports via resources

Using Buttonwood Cloud Analytics, Andrew's IT team has named all resources so that all spend is trackable and visible. They can ensure they are not paying for cloud services that aren’t being used. They can understand usage requirements and turn services on and off as appropriate, thus enjoying cost savings.

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How can I control SaaS as the organisation continues to grow?

Andrew's organisation has expanded quickly and his IT team must plan for continued growth. How can Andrew support his IT team across SaaS application management in their mandate to build systems for expected expansion?


Buttonwood allows the business teams within Andrew's organisation to access all of their SaaS apps, even as numbers continue to grow. The IT team can also relax knowing that no matter how many staff members are added to the organisation, they had full control over the SaaS management, reporting on the changes, costs and usage.

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How can I reduce the time the IT team is spending on SaaS management?

With the transformation of the organisation from software on premise to software in the cloud, Andrew is trying to understand IT staffing requirements. How can Andrew get the most return on the investment in SaaS?

Self-service & easy to use

Buttonwood provides the IT team with quick and easy access to manage the organisation's SaaS applications. The staffing and skills required to manage and govern SaaS is greatly reduced.

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