Financial Controllers

Financial Controller

Victoria is responsible for ensuring that all business costs are appropriately allocated. Thanks to her organisation’s cloud first strategy, a variety of invoices are arriving on her desk and she is finding it difficult to reconciling the organisation's costs. In the past the IT team would be the gatekeepers for allocating resources across software and infrastructure to the business. Processes are now compromised as developers deploy virtual machines on their own and as business teams sign up for SaaS (Software as a Service) applications as they want them, often circumventing IT.

Searching for ways to streamline cloud use to regain financial management of IT services, Victoria has led her organisation in discovering a way to control spending and create cost efficient cloud management.

Before Buttonwood

How can I track IaaS cloud spend as an operating expense?

Within Victoria’s organisation, reconciliation of cloud expenditure was done retrospectively. This created the complex and time-consuming task of manually tracking spend across various providers and business lines. With a shift from a capital expenditure (CAPEX) to an operational expenditure (OPEX) model how could Victoria understand her organisation’s cloud spend?

With Buttonwood

Financial transparency

Through proactive reporting, Victoria gained full visibility of cloud spend, providing her with insights to accurately forecast and help to determine budgets for future spend. Victoria’s analysis of in-depth reporting keeps the business and IT teams informed of ways to be more efficient with their cloud services.

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How can I see where IaaS spend is going?

Victoria’s company increased its consumption of cloud services, and her 'invoice' email folder grew with each additional cloud provider. Attempting to reconcile each invoice back to a business team was almost impossible, due to inconsistencies in naming conventions, reference information and tags. How can Victoria figure out which costs should be associated with which line of business?

Items within bills matched to cost centres

Buttonwood tracks all cloud consumption against predetermined cost centres. Victoria can now reconcile budgets against services, workloads or users. Each line of business can understand how much they are spending, on what, and look for ways to decrease costs.

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How can I track spend on SaaS applications?

Victoria receives monthly and annual invoices for SaaS applications. How can she track the costs against the lines of business that use the applications without spending hours investigating each invoice?

SaaS management by cost centre

Buttonwood now manages all the SaaS application spend across the organisation. Victoria can easily track each app license cost because it is associated with a line of business within the Cloud Workspace.

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Before Buttonwood

How can I deal with constant IaaS pricing changes?

Cloud providers regularly change pricing based on requirements and regions. Victoria must help business teams stay within their budgets. How can she advise the teams on how to manage such complex pricing?

With Buttonwood

Clarity through reviewing the LCCB

Buttonwood presents a selection of suitable options, including the Lowest Cost Conforming Bid (LCCB), to match with each project’s requirements. Business teams can sort and review all options, and Victoria can relax knowing pricing complexity has been removed.

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How can I bring my current SaaS application management processes to a new tool?

Victoria has developed her own current system to handle SaaS application invoices. How can she ensure that her current policies and processes aren't lost with the introduction of a SaaS management tool?

BYO apps & implement current governance

Buttonwood allowed Victoria to implement established policies and governance rules as part of the new SaaS application management protocols.

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Before Buttonwood

How can I save costs on IaaS?

The development team have workloads running all the time and Victoria can see that they are charged for workloads running in the cloud even when they aren’t actually being used. How can she help the developers to save costs based on their hours of operation?

With Buttonwood

Set operating hours

Buttonwood allows the developers within Victoria’s organisation to set the times during which they require access to their workloads. When they aren’t working, their workload environments are shut down, greatly reducing costs.

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How can I track the IaaS spend for each line of business?

Each line of business within the organisation is allocated set budgets. Victoria wants to track the IT spend for each line of business so that - instead of managing one large shared IT cost for the organisation – each line of business is responsible for its own spend. This would add value to her organisation, but how can she achieve it?

Tracking costs for business anlaysis

Buttonwood tracks all cloud consumption against predetermined cost centres. Victoria can now reconcile budgets against each line of business, resulting in an understanding of how much each is spending on what cloud service. Costs can be managed more effectively and opportunities for efficiencies can be identified.

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How do I avoid SaaS bill shock?

Victoria can see that different lines of business are using various SaaS applications but there is little governance around duplication of apps or their operational costs. How can Victoria find a way to control these expenses?

SaaS financial transparency

Victoria is relieved to know that her IT team is setting budgets within Buttonwood for the organisation's cloud consumption and she has a clear view of this information by cost centre. This ensures that there are no surprise costs as even the purchase of an unexpected license here and there must meet pre-set budget parameters or be subject to approval.

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