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Nathan sees himself as a Software Build Engineer but recently his role has been taking on a web operations focus too. With IT embracing Software DevOps, Nathan is striving to make his experience relevant and is working to streamline interactions between development and operations. He sees that his development team is constantly asking the operations team for access to environments to work on which can take days. Due to this delay, many of his team spin up their own environments in cloud to try and be more efficient with their time.

Searching for ways to better manage this process, Nathan is keen to change the way his team manage infrastructure both in the public and private clouds.

Before Buttonwood

How can I have the flexibility to work remotely, even when accessing our private cloud?

Nathan often needs easy access to environments to deploy his projects, however when working in private cloud he needs to be in the office which isn’t as flexible as he would like. How can Nathan be effective yet work remotely?

With Buttonwood

Multi-cloud automation

Thanks to Buttonwood Automation, Nathan now has the flexibility to deploy environments in private and public cloud from anywhere he chooses to work, while successfully maintaining security and compliance.

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How can I keep my cloud projects on budget?

Nathan understands that going over his project budget is not a good way to get face time with his senior manager. He needs a way to track his cloud spend and set a budget so he doesn’t exceed his allocated funds.

Set Budgets

Nathan can now feel safe knowing that all his projects have set cloud budgets within Buttonwood. Establishing these budgets means there is no longer a risk of bill shock with a clear vision and forecast of all cloud spend.

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How do I keep track of all my SaaS login details?

As a developer, Nathan has licenses for hundreds of SaaS apps. How can Nathan remember all of his username, passwords, access URLs and security check answers?

Cloud Exchange

Buttonwood provides one screen from which Nathan can access all of his SaaS applications. He can now use a single sign-on to access all of his apps, and has peace of mind knowing that his data is secure.

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Before Buttonwood

How can I choose a different cloud provider if I need to?

Nathan has his favourite cloud providers and products to work with but he is always on the lookout for better options. How can he see what options are available without having to do hours of complex research for each deployment?

With Buttonwood

Choice over Cloud Providers

Buttonwood is vendor agnostic and shows Nathan cloud provider bids for services that conform with each workload’s requirements. With the ability to sort and review all options, Nathan now has access to relevant and current information to make the best decision in seconds.

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How can I have flexibility over the cloud architecture I need?

Nathan understands what his workloads need to be successful. How can he have access to the operating systems, servers and plugins that he needs for each project?

Reusable Blueprints

Nathan now has access to the Buttonwood catalog of Blueprints. He can choose a Blueprint that best suits his project and deploy this environment into the cloud that conforms with his workload requirements.

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How can I access my key SaaS applications easily on any of my devices?

Nathan spends most of his time at his desk working on software and often forgets to do his administration and communication from his desktop. How can Nathan access the SaaS applications he needs to catch up out of hours using his phone and tablet?

Full accessibility

Nathan can now easily use his smartphone or tablet to connect with the Buttonwood Workspace, which provides access to all his applications with a single sign-on.

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Before Buttonwood

How can I deploy cloud services quickly?

Nathan has been called impatient in the past, but from his perspective it’s all about getting on with his work and not wasting time. How can Nathan’s cloud deployments keep up with his work pace?

With Buttonwood

Quick click to deploy

Nathan can now use Buttonwood to deploy into private or public clouds with one click, dramatically increasing his speed of delivery and allowing him to quickly get to work on the next workload.

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How can I get my access provisioned quicker?

Nathan doesn't like to wait. It is frustrating when others delay his tasks, especially when he could have gotten something done more quickly on his own. How can Nathan get licenses as soon as he needs them?

Integrated applications

Through the Buttonwood Dashboard, applications such as Office 365 are fully integrated which means that licenses can be provisioned automatically. This allows Nathan to quickly get access to apps that used to take days to move through the process.

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